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Oct 4

Ignite Taipei 8 Videos & Subtitling

It’s been a long time since we have last updated this page, and an entire spring, summer, and half an autumn has passed since then. We’ve been busy behind the scenes, and hoping to come back soon with more amazing speakers.

{Timelapse photo: Camping by Tristan Schmurr}

In the meantime, the two main news I want to share with you is having the videos online from the latest event, and some progress on our subtitling project.

Ignite Taipei 8 videos

The videos or our latest event back in March are online now. Edited, HD, ready to roll. Mostly worked out well, there were some technical problems with the recording in a small number of cases, and I’m really sorry about that, hope it will be still very enjoyable!

Here’s embedded in the page the entire list of videos from the event, enjoy!

This still leaves the 6th event last to be online. I’m still figuring out how to deal with the lot of recording errors I got at that time…


The subtitling project has been going on for a while with very little progress. This is mainly because the amount of micromanagement it needs to get started, and there were no good tools we could use. Finally I have found one tool that might just work, so now you can use Ignite Taipei video list on Amara, a website that is dedicated to transcribing and subtitling videos on Youtube. If you have a few minutes, please check it out, and see if you find some videos you are interested in helping out with.

Hopefully we can be more accessible and international with this. I really want to reach out to the rest of the world and say: look, this is Taiwan!

Cheers, and have a fun day!

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Ignite Taipei #8


(接下來內文為中文,英文部分接後 / The following announcement is in Chinese, the English version will be further down in this post.)

很高興在這邊向大家宣布Ignite 8的登場!十幾位講者將分別以中文帶來各個不同主題的豐富內容。也如同我們以往的Ignite活動,每位講者皆有五分鐘用20張投影片與你分享其特別經驗或見解,更重要地-啟發你。

任何人都能成為一位Ignite講者,若你有許多想法渴望分享與回饋,請不要害羞,加入講者行列吧!可以在以下網址申請: http://goo.gl/JcBDi


票: $250

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/events/442591402476466/
GOOGLE+: https://plus.google.com/events/c7i1crfajotr8i2aqu79nshavmg


I’m really happy to announce our next event, Ignite Taipei #8. About a dozen short talks, in Chinese, with a big range of topics. At Ignite, every speaker has exactly 5 minutes, 20 slides to tell you about something special, enlighten and inspire you.

Anyone can be a speaker, if you would like to be one, you can still apply at http://goo.gl/JcBDi 

The event is on 2013, March 3, Sunday, at Kafka by the Sea Cafe, at 台北市中正區羅斯福路三段244巷2號2樓.

Doors open at 19:30, the talks start at 20:00, and will finish at about 22:00.

More event information is on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/442591402476466/ and Google+: https://plus.google.com/events/c7i1crfajotr8i2aqu79nshavmg

The videos of our previous events are at http://www.youtube.com/IgniteTaipei and you can see more information on our blog: http://ignitetaipei.tw/

We will keep you posted, and the list of speakers will be announced later.

Thank you and see you soon!

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{8-ball photo from: http://www.flickr.com/photos/groundswellzoo/8232024886/ }

New mailing list to keep you informed - more reliably

One of the biggest challenge of event organizers is to let people know about their event. At Ignite Taipei we have the same problem, which we have tried to solve couple of different way:

  • Posting events on Facebook: not very reliable, Facebook tends to hide post from 80-90% of our fans, so we can keep posting and talking about an event, but most of the people still never ever hear about it.
  • Posting it on the website: the upper right corner, have you ever seen it? :) If not, we have to make it more obvious
  • Posters and other printed material: not really effective, unless we can prepare it many weeks in advance, and that’s not really the strong point of Ignite Taipei yet.
  • Personally inviting friends, increasing the effectiveness of word-of-mouth: this is good to certain extent, but it would be great to have people who don’t have Facebook account or we don’t know them yet

To try to improve on the communication, I thought it is time to try a good old-school mailing list, so now we have one, using Google Groups.

Ignite Taipei announcements mailing list: https://groups.google.com/d/forum/ignite-taipei

At that address you can sign up to receive our announcements into your email inbox, so you be reliably informed about what’s happening. It will be a very low traffic list. The things I expect to post are mostly:

  • Upcoming event announcement
  • Availability of talk videos
  • Big changes to Ignite

If something else comes up, we might also post, but we’ll think hard about whether it is something that deserves an email into your inbox, since everyone’s busy, or it is better to post it only on our website here.

The list will likely have English+Chinese dual language messages.


(Photo by http://pixabay.com/de/mailbox-briefkasten-55464/)

It is an experiment, to see whether we can improve our communication to you. Let us know your thoughts in the comments, and will be happy to answer any question.

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The videos of Ignite Taipei #7

Finally the videos for the last Ignite have been published. You can see the entire playlist on Youtube. All 11 videos + the bonus of our first Ignite Karaoke are online.


If you are interested in the gritty details, I have a writeup of the editing process. Still have to do the videos of Ignite #6, but now it should be easier.

So, getting ready for the next event soon, stay tuned!

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Taking stock of 2012

It’s been a busy year, though now that I think of it, passed by so quickly. Our 7th event finished less than a month ago, but I actually had to look back to our photoalbums to remind myself what happened this year.

It was a lot of fun to put up 4 events. I got to give an Ignite talk for the first time, and it was in Chinese. Nobody understood it, but it was fun - probably the high mark of my Chinese skills so far. Had met a lot of interesting people, made friends, started other projects with them because of that. Expanding circles, and feels like the right way to go.

I do have to re-evaluate how am I taking part in Ignite, though.

This year I tried to take on a few more responsibilities (like taking the video of the events), because I couldn’t find someone to help us with it. That didn’t work very well, the last 2 events’ videos are still not online, some of them have real problems with the recording, some of them just delayed editing jobs. Consciously I always thought that the talks themselves are the most important and videos of the are in the nice-to-have category, but both the speakers themselves and our audience make me feel different, it should be in a high priority.

The subtitling project has stalled, and the forums are overrun with spam, both of them should be evaluated if it’s worth continuing and then push them through, or should we scrap them.

We had a bunch of very good speakers at the events, however they seem to still come from the circles we already know. This might not be a real problem, since I got to know a lot of our speakers and tap into their network, which makes things look smaller than they really are. On the other hand, it would be nice to widen our reach, especially the Chinese language event. For that, I would need a lot better language skills for sure.

Because of our venue arrangements, we won’t lose any money no matter how many people come (our biggest event was the 7th, latest one, with 96 attendees), and we end up saving up a little as well. At the moment, Ignite has NT15100 at its disposal, thinking up what would be useful for us to get, to help the events. We are not-for-profit, and everything we save will use it for the community.

Indeed, our need of proper community is my latest big insight, and probably the biggest target for next year’s improvement. I need to open up a lot, share the experience, and start building a community around Ignite. We have very enthusiastic audience, and already have some volunteers for certain tasks. Now it’s time to grow up and take that seriously. I don’t want to be in charge of Ignite forever, and also I shouldn’t. We need to get people involved, new ideas, new energy, to make it even better than I can imagine myself.

 It is my favorite project, and lots of the new things I want to try, I try it here. Some things work, some things fail, and then the experience can be used elsewhere as well. So far it makes me very happy, with a good outlook, lots of opportunities ahead.

That is thanks to all of you who came to the events, spoke there, passed on the information, recommended speakers, watched the videos, commented, took part.

Happy New Year to all of you :)

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A look at Ignite Taipei #7

Thanks everyone for coming to our latest event, it was very interesting, great talk, wonderful audience.

The photos from that night are uploaded, can see the whole album clicking here.

The videos are being edited at the moment, in the meantime you can take a peek at the webcam-quality streaming version (the sound is not grand, but better than nothing).

Ignite Taipei #7 live stream

If everything goes well, our Ignite’s live streaming will be on YouTube Live over here

Update Dec 14: This now points to the recorded web streaming on Youtube. We have good quality videos of the talks as well, editing them now and will post them as soon as they are done!

Ignite Taipei speaker orientation

This is the information we usually send to new speakers, the guidelines to give an Ignite talk. To make it more consistent, and that I don’t forget anything, here is it summarized and kept up to date.


  • Exactly 20 slides
  • No animations, just static slides
  • PowerPoint acceptable, PDF is preferred

The Ignite format is 20 slides that automatically change every 15 seconds. For this we need static slides, and use PDF since that displays very well over multiple computers. 


  • Use your own photos, or Creative Commons pictures from the web (you can search for those).
  • No self-promotion. The core of the talk should be your own experience and insights, not advertising something you made. E.g. if you started a company, we are interested in what you have gone through and what you have learned, not how good your company is.
  • You can re-use slides multiple times in the talk, so don’t have to have 20 different ones.

Our motto is "Enlighten us but make it quick", which means we want to hear something unique, that is personal to you, that broadens our horizon some way (advertisement does not do that). Besides this, there are not that many rules, so you can bend and extend them so they fit your message. 


  • Send us your slides 1 week before the event, so we can check it and make sure it works with our system

Just as you do, we need to prepare so you can have a good event as a speaker and as an audience member as well.

More resources:

Learn, discuss, and talk. You can really easily get started, and easily get better. Take part in the community, ask and teach.

Please give us some feedback about the page, and it will be updated we find that we need clear certain things.


Ignite Taipei #7

It’s towards the end of a busy year, I’m really excited to announce our 7th Ignite Taipei event, with talks in English. An evening of short talks, where every speaker has exactly 5 minutes: 20 presentation slides that autoadvance every 15 seconds. The talks can be about anything the speakers are really interested in, they are there to enlighten us, and do it quick.

Ignite Taipei 7 poster

Will take place at our usual venue, Kafka By the Sea cafe, Roosevelt Rd. Sec 3, Lane 244, No 2. (海邊的卡夫卡 - 中正區羅斯福路三段244巷2號2樓)

December 13, Thursday evening, from 8-10pm, the doors open at 7:30pm, and the talks begin at 8pm sharp, the entry is NT$250.

There will be more information at the event page on Facebook, Google+, and Lanyrd.

Our speakers so far:

  • Greg Wu, our host this time, he’s an Ignite 5 alumnus
  • Elias Ek, serial entrepreneur from Sweden
  • Niki Fan, blogger and event organizer
  • Austin Yoder, living in Taipei exploring tea on a daily basis, advising entrepreneurs and SMEs on digital strategy
  • Francis Morris, speaking of he benefits of belonging to a multi-cultural, multi-lingual community and the strength one gathers in connecting and knowing several languages, as well as, HOW that ties into ones personal career growth and success in business.
  • Richard Noctis, an entrepreneur, MBA and pentester from San Francisco is in pursuit of hacking traditional business models by creating passionate organizations that inspire their fans and thinks you should be too.
  • Ruby Liu, exploring whether Taiwanese democracy is changing Chinese students
  • Roger Do, about culinary seduction: how to improve sexual relationship with culinary creation
  • Andrew Lin, about man-made sunflowers
  • Richard Brown, abgout the new age of social manufacturing
  • Tifi Liu, (co-organizer) about her Ignite Taipei journey
Half-time activity: Ignite Karaoke! :)

Asking for help

The couple of us, organizers, are very happy to put this event up, I know myself that I learn a lot at every time. Still we are not professionals in so many things, and plenty of space to improve.

So you feel like that you can help out a little, please send me an email at greg@ignitetaipei.tw

  • if you can help out at the event with welcoming and orienting people…
  • if you are good with lighting, been to any of our previous events, and can help us do it better…
  • know any people who would be good speakers…
  • have any suggestion in general about how Ignite is run…

These are most welcome any time!

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為什麼Ignite Talk會這麼短呢?

首先,很感謝星期六前來參加的各位觀眾及講者,希望你們都有一個美好的夜晚: )

基於一直有人提出Ignite talk五分鐘的限制實在太短,很多東西無法深入探討或是討論太過表面。基於這點身為共同主辦人的我有一些解釋不知道各位是否可以贊同:



所以我覺得,五分鐘的演講是個非常好的訓練而Ignite Taipei則是一個很好的平台給大家來分享,畢竟…


Oct 1
Ignite Taipei #6 將舉辦於2012/10/13 7:30pm噢!

Ignite Taipei #6 將舉辦於2012/10/13 7:30pm噢!


New forum for the community

Good evening everyone! I’d like to announce that now we have a new platform for the community in the form of the Ignite Taipei Forums, which can be found at http://bbs.ignitetaipei.tw

It’s open for everyone to register and add to the conversation. It’s brand new so I expect unusual behaviour along the way, which is all fine, let’s see how this experiment goes.

The forums we have added so far are just some guesses what kind of conversations we have, and based on experience we can merge, split, create, destroy forums and topics. It’s all up to you!

Everything can be written in English or Chinese, or any language you’d like (though I recommend these two as first choices if you want to be understood). The interface can also be switched into Chinese mode if it’s more convenient (in your Profile).

Let me know what you think, and enjoy!

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Speaker list for Ignite #5

Only a few days left till our next evening of short talks. It’s been a year since our first event, and things came a long way during that time. It feels incredible (in a good way) that we already have a speaker lineup ready this long before the event.

More details about Ignite #5 is in the previous post, but now I wanted to give you a little preview of what’s up for that night.

Your speakers:

Steve Lin, your host, is a musician as well as technology and media enthusiast constantly looking for creative ways to bring about more efficient and effective collaborations for better global health.

Tim Brown has been working in the technology industry for the last 15 years here in Asia focusing on mobile hardware and software.

Graci Kim is a New Zealand diplomat currently in Taipei on long term language training. She recently started an online cooking show called Graci In The Kitchen based on the concept of mood-based eating, and the importance of feeding the body, mind, and soul.

Roger Do, who after getting bored studying philosophy, business, and computational design pattern, has embarked on a career of being a professional explainer. He now offers lectures, workshops, and instructions to institutions of higher learning and corporations of low moral standard on presentation, sales technique, and radical mental restructuring that usually involves massive drinking.

Gustavo Ricarte, graduated as engineer, curious by nature. Always searching for different ways to do the same old task in a new and funnier way.

Caleb Shetland is a Firmware Applications Engineer who has lived and worked here in Taipei for the past 8 years.

Greg Wu & Zack Lee, fighting for social justice.

Johnson Goh, founder of AtticTV.

Jacob Palmer is a linguist and certified TESOL instructor. For the past 6 years, he has been living in Taipei, exploring a world that his folks back home have difficulty imagining…and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Bruno Koegler used to invent stuff as a young lazy child, to get his work done easier for school or to help his busy parents. That’s why he was easily convinced to become an engineer, more by passion as by need.

Nicole Scott, journalist at Netbooknews.

Daniel Zen Chang.

Markus Kucborski, CEO of Digital Customers, the last ten years he was very early working on mobile and mobile Applications in Coporate Vodafone, while currently helping major corporates to change their organisation and product portfolio to advance to the new digital space. In his spare time he is deeply involved in all sort of internet communities and has co-founded the largest Android conference, droidcon.

Angelica Nierras.

See you guys there!

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[Update 06/26 15:11 - added two last minute speakers to the list]

[Update 06/27 12:32 - added some more last minute speakers]

Jun 9

On the way to Ignite Taipei #5

There’s a bit more than 3 weeks left till our next event, the 5th of the series, on June 27, Wednesday evening in Kafka by the See (海邊的卡夫卡), from 19:30 onwards.

We are listing Ignite in multiple places where you can list events, to see which one works best. We are on Lanyrd, IgniteShow, Facebook. Will try to add more later.

If you are interested in being a speaker, we still have a couple of spaces, just fill out our (short) speaker application form and we will get in touch with you. It really does worth it, very interesting speakers and everyone has a story. If you don’t think so, just watch this video, and you’ll surely reconsider.

The “#5” also means that now we have one year worth of Ignite behind us, two English and two Chinese speaking events. It has been a very interesting ride so far, and I will want to continue in the foreseeable future. I gained very interesting friendships, useful contacts, very interesting ideas from our speakers, learned how do some reasonably good thing reliably, I talk more to strangers, and arguably I must have grown some balls too, looking at level of the people now I contact about Ignite.

That is all very good, though in the end, only one thing matters: that you guys have a great time when you come.  :)

If you have been to Ignite before, what have you gained?


Apr 5

Looking back at Ignite Taipei #4

It’s been 5 days since the last Ignite Taipei, slowly but surely starts to sink in, and get into the post-event mode. A very different event this time, with good and not so good aspects, and all-in-all averaging out to be “awesome”.

The Chinese language Ignite events we have I try to make it more experimental. Okay, that’s not the whole truth. For the Chinese language events I have to rely on my Taiwanese co-organizer, Tifi, and she is in many ways more adventureous, I have to give her more leeway and independence than I could normally do with my controlling attitude. Thus it’s more experimental because I can give away some of the control and learned much more about the “do and let’s see what happens” attitude. One advantage is that once that happens, I can contribute more ideas as well, that are testing her control about things, so it goes both ways. Which makes it just a really interesting and valuable experience.

The venue was a new one, just a big room compared to the previous coffee shop. More spacious, ready to be adapted, though we have to take care of more things ourselves - mostly the drinks and snacks for the audience.

This time our promotion was a bit late and low profile, but we basically had just enough people for the number of seats, about 60 guests.

The programme had 10 speakers, together with the starting introductory talk by our host, Irene (who as a speaker last time). Originally we had more but as usual people dropped out as we got closer to the event. We had one surprise speaker, who showed up and said he’d like to give a talk, and in the spirit of “winging it”, we took him in.

This time we had quite a few travel related talks, which always open one’s world. Others I’m not sure yet (will have to wait till our subtitle project catches up with the new videos we’ll post of this event).

And I gave a talk too - that’s proper scary for someone who does not speak Chinese, apparently I haven’t looked up from my notes for the whole 5 minutes, and the native speakers understood “about half” - and the Taiwanese are known to be overly polite. :) Well, anyway, it was fun to do, and there will be a video of that, along with all the other speakers to immoratalise my attempt. Though, I was really glad that the speaker following me was a great one, people have laughed a lot, and took off the pressure from me. :P

The catering was experimental as well: pay-as-you-like. Now that didn’t work very well, so next time surely go back to the previous model. It was worth a try, though.

(Click to see all the pictures in our Ignite Taipei #4 photo album.)

I really had a great time, and I hope the people who came did have too, thanks a lot for coming! Now getting on with Ignite Taipei #5, the next English language event, coming this June.

Can hardly wait. :)