Ignite Taipei

Apr 5

Looking back at Ignite Taipei #4

It’s been 5 days since the last Ignite Taipei, slowly but surely starts to sink in, and get into the post-event mode. A very different event this time, with good and not so good aspects, and all-in-all averaging out to be “awesome”.

The Chinese language Ignite events we have I try to make it more experimental. Okay, that’s not the whole truth. For the Chinese language events I have to rely on my Taiwanese co-organizer, Tifi, and she is in many ways more adventureous, I have to give her more leeway and independence than I could normally do with my controlling attitude. Thus it’s more experimental because I can give away some of the control and learned much more about the “do and let’s see what happens” attitude. One advantage is that once that happens, I can contribute more ideas as well, that are testing her control about things, so it goes both ways. Which makes it just a really interesting and valuable experience.

The venue was a new one, just a big room compared to the previous coffee shop. More spacious, ready to be adapted, though we have to take care of more things ourselves - mostly the drinks and snacks for the audience.

This time our promotion was a bit late and low profile, but we basically had just enough people for the number of seats, about 60 guests.

The programme had 10 speakers, together with the starting introductory talk by our host, Irene (who as a speaker last time). Originally we had more but as usual people dropped out as we got closer to the event. We had one surprise speaker, who showed up and said he’d like to give a talk, and in the spirit of “winging it”, we took him in.

This time we had quite a few travel related talks, which always open one’s world. Others I’m not sure yet (will have to wait till our subtitle project catches up with the new videos we’ll post of this event).

And I gave a talk too - that’s proper scary for someone who does not speak Chinese, apparently I haven’t looked up from my notes for the whole 5 minutes, and the native speakers understood “about half” - and the Taiwanese are known to be overly polite. :) Well, anyway, it was fun to do, and there will be a video of that, along with all the other speakers to immoratalise my attempt. Though, I was really glad that the speaker following me was a great one, people have laughed a lot, and took off the pressure from me. :P

The catering was experimental as well: pay-as-you-like. Now that didn’t work very well, so next time surely go back to the previous model. It was worth a try, though.

(Click to see all the pictures in our Ignite Taipei #4 photo album.)

I really had a great time, and I hope the people who came did have too, thanks a lot for coming! Now getting on with Ignite Taipei #5, the next English language event, coming this June.

Can hardly wait. :)